The Singles: Video Sizes

August 09, 2017

Video Sizes

Recently I've been trying to clean up my everyday computer, since it is a small laptop with around 30GB of actual usable disk space. The laptop is more aimed at students and people who are on the go, and that need a small, practical machine. I was surprised to find out that pictures don't really take that much space, especially if you're dealing with pictures that range from 3 to 7MB in size. All the pictures that I currently have on here are right around 1GB, not too bad. For music, I have all my music saved on a hard-drive, (which I hate, but whatever), DVD-Rs, and my favorited on my Spotify account, but with music, I can always download it again I ever lose it. As for video files, its a whole another story. I have folders with around 700MB worth of videos, and I have others with 6GB. Which is strange considering they were filmed on the same phone, with very little different settings. So, I've been using my favorite video conversion software FormatFactory, trying to make the files a little smaller, so I can fit all of this into a tiny 15GB micro-sd card. I've found the best setting is to reduce the big 1080p videos to around 720p, and for anything smaller than that, like 640x480, keep them how they are, they don't take up too much space anyway. I've been converting all of that to MP4, using an DivX codec. The actual quality ends up being a tiny bit worse, but I've been able to turn really big files into more manageable ones. I find that most times just changing the format of the raw video to a different one, and not messing too much with settings, will usually decrease the video size a good bit.