The Singles: Reddit

August 15, 2017


To say that Reddit is an abnormal community/social networking website is kind of an understatement. It is completely different from websites like that, and so is the community. It has a couple really great things going for it, one of them being the fact that the moderation is pretty well done, and the comments are nicely filtered through. You don't really come across any trolling. Discussion is actually encouraged, and everyone can contribute equally with their own ideas. It's sort of similar to a forum, where you can't really make friends, since there's pictures, private chats, posting on someone else's profile, or anything like that. 99% of times on Reddit, you don't even notice the names of the original posters or the commentators. A thing that annoys me about it however, is how the upvote and downvote system can be misused. It's not uncommon for people to state an unpopular opinion, or express different views from the ones most people have on something, and get voted down a bunch of times because of it. The voting system is actually used to bring to the top the most relevant content, and the most interesting points or comments being said, not to downvote someone because you disagree with them.