The Singles: Windows 10

July 26, 2017

Windows 10

I wonder why the Windows operating systems have less and less customization options with each release. I'm currently stuck with Windows 10 Home on my everyday laptop and I find myself absolutely despising the look of pretty much anything on this OS. Back in the day, you were able to change all the colors, or use themes that applied to every page, and well as customize other aspects on the appearance of your system a lot easily. Windows 10 seems to be an attempt at a more modern and intuitive system, sort of directioned towards touchscreen machines and the like. (and speaking of touchscreen, don't even get me started on the incredibly ugly 'Metro' thing..) But it's lacking in the simplicity that makes actually using the computer a lot more enjoyable. Nowadays it's a pain to change any small detail on the look of things, that's If you're even able to change anything at all. Another thing that I miss dearly is the classic shell theme, which I do not understand why it was removed entirely. It should have been kept as an option for those who wanted it. It was a classic and streamlined theme that not only helped your computer run a lot faster, and look a whole lot better, but it also didn't clutter your screen with unnecessary buttons, window transparencies and tons of tabs worth of features you'll most likely never use. The option to be able to customize and organize the appearance of your computer, smartphone, tablet, or anything kind of everyday tech like that is an extremely important feature that I feel tech development companies don't take into account nowadays.