The Singles: The Strange Appeal of Bad Movies

July 02, 2017

The Strange Appeal of Bad Movies

Recently I watched the 2005 movie "Cursed", directed by Wes Craven, (better known for the 1996 cult classic "Scream"). And "Cursed" was honestly of the worst movies I think I've ever seen, especially as far as horror movies go, and I've seen a few. Not only does it have an extremely predictable plot centered around werewolfs (?), but it also featured extremely unexciting and cringe-worthy acting (minus Mr. Eisenberg's portrait of an awkward teenager of course), horrible CGI, horrible cinematography, and horrible-pretty-much-anything-else. 
But strangely enough, It was actually a pretty fun experience, apart from the movie not offering any real spooks, or excitement by any means, it did have a reasonable pacing, not turning the whole thing into a two-hour-long torture. I also felt that the writing had a certain goofiness to it (specially the hilarious middle finger scene), which is something that I felt "Scream" had as well. And I do admire any director that can effectively sprinkle a horror movie with a little of comedy.
So this is definitely a bad movie, especially a very lame horror movie, but it's also not too long winded, and relatively entertaining. It has it's moments, and it might just qualify for the category "so bad it's good."