The Singles: Game Of Thrones

July 31, 2017

Game Of Thrones

I think people who watch Game Of Thrones need to be a little more considerate of people who don't care about it, especially on their social media. Posting several times a day about it everywhere, ends up overwhelming the feeds of everyone else who doesn't care for the show. All I see is Game Of Thrones plastered literally everywhere, Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, 9gag, news websites, Facebook.. The situation on Facebook is particularly bad, I've honestly considered removing a couple of my friends on there because of it. And in real-life conversations it's the same thing, people either discussing it for what seems like forever, or crucifying everyone who hasn't seen it, or feels annoyed by how stupidly popular it is. It's like I can't open any website, or turn on the tv without seeing something related to the show or about the newest episode. That show really does have the worst fandom ever. It's like they've just seen the sun for the first time or something. For someone who doesn't care for it, It's kind of torture at this point.