The Singles: Data Storage

July 06, 2017

Data Storage

Lately I've been wondering about what could be the most reliable storage method for files I want to make sure I don't lose. Although I've been more into using cloud-type services recently, I just prefer burning files into a DVD-R, or copying them into either a flash drive, external hard drive, or something of the sort. That being said, I do think DVD-R's are slowly becoming outdated, I see them less and less everyday in stores, but I still think they are pretty reliable, since I haven't really had any issues with discs I've had for around 4-5 years. Although I do think you should copy things over to new ones every 5 years. They don't take up that much space, they're are relatively easy to access, and are definitely cheaper than external hard drives. The problem with drives is that one day they might just stop working for no reason, and don't even thing abut dropping them, or you'll definitely lose everything you have on there. I'm probably going to keep using a mixture of different methods, storing things on different websites, drives, and discs. But I do think the latter are my personal favorite.