The Singles

August 15, 2017


To say that Reddit is an abnormal community/social networking website is kind of an understatement. It is completely different from websites like that, and so is the community. It has a couple really great things going for it, one of them being the fact that the moderation is pretty well done, and the comments are nicely filtered through. You don't really come across any trolling. Discussion is actually encouraged, and everyone can contribute equally with their own ideas. It's sort of similar to a forum, where you can't really make friends, since there's pictures, private chats, posting on someone else's profile, or anything like that. 99% of times on Reddit, you don't even notice the names of the original posters or the commentators. A thing that annoys me about it however, is how the upvote and downvote system can be misused. It's not uncommon for people to state an unpopular opinion, or express different views from the ones most people have on something, and get voted down a bunch of times because of it. The voting system is actually used to bring to the top the most relevant content, and the most interesting points or comments being said, not to downvote someone because you disagree with them.

August 09, 2017

Video Sizes

Recently I've been trying to clean up my everyday computer, since it is a small laptop with around 30GB of actual usable disk space. The laptop is more aimed at students and people who are on the go, and that need a small, practical machine. I was surprised to find out that pictures don't really take that much space, especially if you're dealing with pictures that range from 3 to 7MB in size. All the pictures that I currently have on here are right around 1GB, not too bad. For music, I have all my music saved on a hard-drive, (which I hate, but whatever), DVD-Rs, and my favorited on my Spotify account, but with music, I can always download it again I ever lose it. As for video files, its a whole another story. I have folders with around 700MB worth of videos, and I have others with 6GB. Which is strange considering they were filmed on the same phone, with very little different settings. So, I've been using my favorite video conversion software FormatFactory, trying to make the files a little smaller, so I can fit all of this into a tiny 15GB micro-sd card. I've found the best setting is to reduce the big 1080p videos to around 720p, and for anything smaller than that, like 640x480, keep them how they are, they don't take up too much space anyway. I've been converting all of that to MP4, using an DivX codec. The actual quality ends up being a tiny bit worse, but I've been able to turn really big files into more manageable ones. I find that most times just changing the format of the raw video to a different one, and not messing too much with settings, will usually decrease the video size a good bit.

July 31, 2017

Game Of Thrones

I think people who watch Game Of Thrones need to be a little more considerate of people who don't care about it, especially on their social media. Posting several times a day about it everywhere, ends up overwhelming the feeds of everyone else who doesn't care for the show. All I see is Game Of Thrones plastered literally everywhere, Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, 9gag, news websites, Facebook.. The situation on Facebook is particularly bad, I've honestly considered removing a couple of my friends on there because of it. And in real-life conversations it's the same thing, people either discussing it for what seems like forever, or crucifying everyone who hasn't seen it, or feels annoyed by how stupidly popular it is. It's like I can't open any website, or turn on the tv without seeing something related to the show or about the newest episode. That show really does have the worst fandom ever. It's like they've just seen the sun for the first time or something. For someone who doesn't care for it, It's kind of torture at this point.

July 26, 2017

Windows 10

I wonder why the Windows operating systems have less and less customization options with each release. I'm currently stuck with Windows 10 Home on my everyday laptop and I find myself absolutely despising the look of pretty much anything on this OS. Back in the day, you were able to change all the colors, or use themes that applied to every page, and well as customize other aspects on the appearance of your system a lot easily. Windows 10 seems to be an attempt at a more modern and intuitive system, sort of directioned towards touchscreen machines and the like. (and speaking of touchscreen, don't even get me started on the incredibly ugly 'Metro' thing..) But it's lacking in the simplicity that makes actually using the computer a lot more enjoyable. Nowadays it's a pain to change any small detail on the look of things, that's If you're even able to change anything at all. Another thing that I miss dearly is the classic shell theme, which I do not understand why it was removed entirely. It should have been kept as an option for those who wanted it. It was a classic and streamlined theme that not only helped your computer run a lot faster, and look a whole lot better, but it also didn't clutter your screen with unnecessary buttons, window transparencies and tons of tabs worth of features you'll most likely never use. The option to be able to customize and organize the appearance of your computer, smartphone, tablet, or anything kind of everyday tech like that is an extremely important feature that I feel tech development companies don't take into account nowadays.